Veran SPiN thoracic navigation system: Helping to identify early stage cancer

St. John Broken Arrow is one of three locations in Oklahoma and the only one in northeastern Oklahoma to acquire the Veran SPiN Thoracic Navigation System™. This revolutionary technology utilizes electromagnetic navigation (EMN) bronchoscopy and allows physicians to perform diagnostic, minimally invasive pulmonary procedures. This technology increases the chance of diagnosing lung cancer in earlier stages and enables the physicians to establish the diagnosis and potentially perform pre-surgical staging in a single procedure.

The SPiN system features a dynamic 3D road map, respiratory gating technology to track moving nodules, electromagnetic tip-tracked instrumentation, and the flexibility to seamlessly transition from navigated bronchoscopy to navigated transthoracic needle aspiration (TTNA).

The map enables the pulmonologist to steer a bronchoscope with a specialized set of catheters through the lungs to biopsy smaller and harder-to-reach nodules. The procedure provides greater clinical accuracy with minimal invasion to the patient and revolutionizes the speed and accuracy with which lung cancer can be diagnosed, allowing for treatment to begin sooner.

The SPiN System™ provides 3D views of fiducials and generates reports to show the distance between fiducials and targets, ensuring precise placement.  The navigation bronchoscopy can be used in patients with lung cancer to place fiducial markers that help radiation oncologists target radiation to lung tumors. Markers can also be placed around pulmonary nodules or dye can be instilled to aid in tactile or visual localization by the thoracic surgeon at the time of the nodule resection.

This innovative technology will help detect lung cancer earlier, requires fewer hospital visits and leads to better patient outcomes.

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