Stocking your medicine cabinet for Summer

Tips on stocking your medicine cabinet from St. John Urgent Care and the Tulsa World

Summertime is nearly here. Dr. Todd Hoffman offered his tips on what you need to stock your medicine cabinet to be summer-ready during a recent interview with the Tulsa World's Jason Ashley Wright.

Monday Organizer: Stock your medicine cabinet for summer needs
BY JASON ASHLEY WRIGHT World Scene Writer, Tulsa World
Monday, May 21, 2012

Growing up, Dr. Todd Hoffman would see sunbathers using baby oil on their skin.

"That was the thing to do when you're young," said Hoffman, a physician with St. John Urgent Care Center.

Now, folks are more aware of the dangers of skin cancer - or, at least, that baby oil not only lacks SPF but will probably fry your skin faster. You might as well use Crisco.

With summer about to start sizzling, Hoffman recommended a variety of items that should be mandatory in every family's medicine cabinet now through September.

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