Jane Phillips Medical Center Is Recruiting Members for Person and Family Advisory Council

Former patients and their families have an opportunity to be a part of the Jane Phillips Medical Center’s (JPMC) new Person and Family Advisory Council.

Patients who have been treated at Jane Phillips Medical Center within the past five years are invited to share their ideas on how to make the healthcare experience better.

The council will help Jane Phillips Medical Center improve quality of care, implement change, and develop and guide short- and long-term projects.

A one-hour information session will be held Wednesday, June 13 at 5:30 p.m. in the first floor classroom of the medical center, 3500 E. Frank Phillips Blvd. To attend the information session or for more information on becoming a Jane Phillips advisor, please call Tilly Labadie, Patient Advocate, at 918-331-1462, or email her at

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