Jane Phillips Wellness Connection to Hold Super Saturday: Building Better Balance Workshop

Join Jane Phillips Wellness Connection on Saturday, April 28 at 9 a.m. for Super Saturday: Building Better Balance Workshop. In this special, one-hour long balance workshop, participants will learn straightforward tips and simple, effective movements that can improve balance and prevent falls. Adults of all skill levels are invited to this fun event. The workshop is at no cost to participants and door prizes and specials will be offered.  The class will be held in the Wellness Connection on the ninth floor of Jane Phillips Medical Center, 3500 S.E. Frank Phillips Blvd. in Bartlesville.

At any age and activity level, balance is vital for functional daily living and optimal athletic performance.

When we think about balance, we often envision standing on one leg but falls don’t usually happen when we are standing still. We most often lose our balance when we are moving, transitioning, or adjusting. The secret to building balance, coordination, and preventing injury from falling as we age is in mastering transitions and developing power. Quick reaction time can be the key to preventing injury. If your body has the capacity for speed, you can respond rapidly enough to catch yourself mid-fall.

To learn more about Wellness Connection services or to register for this event, contact Jane Phillips Wellness Connection at 918-331-1102.

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