Let Jane Phillips MedCare Pharmacy help reduce your stress!

Do you find yourself going to your pharmacy several times each month to pick up prescriptions for yourself and your family?  This busy holiday season is the perfect time to consider taking advantage of Jane Phillips MedCare Pharmacy’s Appointment-Based Model (ABM).  ABM is a prescription synchronization program that accomplishes several goals:  improving patient adherence to medications, increasing pharmacy efficiency, and reducing multiple trips to the pharmacy down to a single visit per month or every third month, depending on your prescription insurance plan.

How does this program work?  Our pharmacists will work with you and your physicians to get a complete and accurate list of your prescription medications.  We will then determine a single day each month (or every 3 months) to sync all of your prescriptions.  Once established on the program and about a week before your appointment, a pharmacist will call to review your medications and address any changes prior to filling your prescriptions.  This time may also be used to discuss your questions or concerns and any therapeutic or compliance issues you may be encountering.

If refills are needed, we will contact your physician ahead of time to ensure that we have everything ready for you when you walk into the pharmacy on the day of your appointment.  Use our convenient reserved pharmacy parking by the main entrance to the hospital and we will have you in and out in no time!

The pharmacists at Jane Phillips MedCare Pharmacy are excited to talk with you about our ABM program and answer any questions you have.  Please give us a call at 918-331-1540.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the pharmacy staff at Jane Phillips MedCare Pharmacy.


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