JPMC Cancer Center

Led by cancer treatment physicians and specialists, the JPMC Cancer Center team is comprised of a dedicated, experienced staff chosen especially for their unique skills and abilities.

JPMC’s radiation oncologist determines the most effective treatment plan possible for patients who will benefit from radiation therapy with the help of the physicist, radiation therapist, nurse and dosimetrist.

Medical oncologists are physicians who design the treatment plans for patients who require chemotherapy. Assisted by a staff of nurses and technologists, the medical oncologists direct treatment plans uniquely suited to each individual patient.

Since effective treatment of cancer requires sophisticated diagnostic information, the JPMC team also includes hospital laboratory specialists who support the Cancer Center. Dietitians and exercise specialists play an important role in treatment. Proper diet and regular exercise regimes are designed for each patient to improve overall health and to increase stamina during therapy. These services are offered through JPMC.

The Radiation Oncology department offers a full range of clinical services with special emphasis on breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer and prostate malignancies. The centerpiece of the unit is a Varian 2300 EX Linear Accelerator. Radiation oncology services are provided by Maurice D. Krause, MD.

Medical oncology services are provided by Christopher M. Manus, MD. 

The Cancer Center is located on the JPMC campus at 3470 SE Frank Phillips Boulevard in Bartlesville. For information about radiation oncology, contact 918/331-1703.

For information about chemotherapy, contact 918/331-1760.

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