AHA Misson: Lifeline Award

Jane Phillips Medical Center recently received another award from the American Heart Association for treating heart attack patients who are transferred from other facilities. JPMC earned the AHA’s Mission: Lifeline® Silver Receiving Quality Achievement Award for implementing specific quality improvement measures during 2013. JPMC will be included in a forthcoming issue of U.S. News & World Report’s Best Hospitals edition.

This particular honor is for treating patients that come from hospitals that cannot perform coronary intervention. These would include regional hospitals such as those in Nowata, Coffeyville, and Independence. The time is tracked from when they leave those facilities until JPMC performs the intervention.

This tremendous achievement was a total team effort,” said Stan DeFehr, M.D., BlueStem Cardiology. “The cardiologists, the cath lab staff, all of the nurses in our cardiology unit, our entire Emergency Room, and area ambulance services can take great pride in this.” 

This is the first time JPMC has won the Silver award. It is based on JPMC effectively improving the survival and care of STEMI patients. STEMI is an acronym meaning "ST segment elevation myocardial infarction," which is a type of heart attack that is determined by an electrocardiogram (ECG) test. Heart attacks are divided into two groups, based on severity and STEMI is the more severe type.

Every year, almost 250,000 people experience the STEMI type of heart attack.

Unfortunately, a significant number do not receive prompt reperfusion (tissue damage) therapy, which is critical in restoring blood flow. Mission: Lifeline seeks to save lives by closing the gaps that separate STEMI patients from timely access to appropriate treatments. It is focused on improving the system of care for these patients and at the same time improving care for all heart attack patients.

 “We commend Jane Phillps Medical Center for this achievement award, which reflects a significant institutional commitment to improve the quality of care for their heart attack patients,” said A. Gray Ellrodt, MD, Chair of the Mission: Lifeline committee and Chief of Medicine at the Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield, Mass. “All too many heart attack patients in the United States still fail to receive appropriate treatment for their life-threatening condition within the recommended timeframes. We must all continue this important work to streamline and coordinate regional systems of care to save lives and prevent complications.

“We remain committed to delivering quality cardiac care,” said David R. Stire, JPMC President/COO. “At Jane Phillips Medical Center it is all about the combined efforts of technology, top-notch physicians, and a team environment. Having all of these assets available here in Bartlesville is something of which we all can be proud.”

Stire said the number of acute heart attack patients eligible for treatment is expected to grow over the next decade due to increasing incidence of heart disease and a large aging population.


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