Transfer Center

With the One Call Transfer center at St. John, transferring your patients is easy. 

Among the first of its kind in Tulsa, the St. John One Call Transfer service allows physicians and hospitals to call for patient transfers 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Simplifying patient transfers

  • Connects referring physicians with accepting physicians at St. John Medical Center in one phone call
  • Facilitates emergency transportation, if needed
  • Provides complete transfer documentation

One convenient process

  • Simply call toll free, 1-877-774-0013 (no need to contact individual physicians)
  • An experienced transfer coordinator will facilitate communication between the requested physician/service and the appropriate on-call specialist or emergency service
  • We will notify the referring physician of the patient’s arrival

In conjunction with your transfer, send:

  • Patient records and appropriate radiologic tests (films or CDs in DICOM format)
  • Family contact information

St. John Medical Staff office serves as a liaison between the medical staff and hospital administration, coordinates the credentialing process and granting of clinical privileges, coordinates medical staff committees and supports the medical staff officers and committee chairs. To contact the Medical Staff office, please call (918) 744-2288.

To contact St. John Physician Relations, please call (918) 744-3086.  Your feedback allows us to strengthen and enhance our relationship with you. We look forward to receiving your comments or questions.