Grief Support

Grief is not an illness, but a normal reaction to significant changes in one’s life.

Bereavement is learning how to live with the change caused by the loss of a significant person. Bereavement takes time and support.

St. John Hospice helps people through bereavement by promoting healing. Although each individual responds to loss in a unique way, people in grief often feel shock, denial, fear, anger, resentment, hostility, powerlessness and deep loneliness.

These feelings are normal and must be dealt with as they are experienced. The grieving person will heal and will one day be able to reach out for others.

For St. John Hospice families, bereavement support is provided for at least 13 months after the death of a loved one. This support is offered free of charge to St. John Hospice families and additionally all in the area who have lost a loved one to death caused by illness. St. John Hospice offers the following grief support services at no charge:

  • Quarterly bereavement workshops. Please call the St John PulseLine at (918) 744-0123 to confirm dates/times of workshops.
  • Fliers targeted toward coping with grief as well as information about grief/bereavement community resources may be obtained by calling the St John Hospice office at 918-747-4428 and asking for the bereavement coordinator.