Medicare defines eligibility for Home Health services, and St. John Home Health must follow those criteria for all Medicare patients.

If you have private insurance, we will work within the eligibility criteria listed by your policy. We will call your insurance company to determine if you are eligible for our service.

Medicare requires you meet the following criteria to receive Home Health Services:

  • Your physician has ordered our intermittent skilled services (either a registered nurse or a physical therapist)
  • You must be confined to home due to physical limitations. This means that for you to leave your home, it would take a considerable effort. Generally this also means you need to use a support device (like a wheelchair), special transportation or the assistance of others. When you leave home, the absence should be of short duration and be infrequent. You are allowed to leave your home occasionally for a doctor’s appointment, but not regularly.
  • You may be confined to home because of a psychiatric condition that is manifested by a refusal to leave home or a condition that makes it unsafe for you to leave home.
  • You must live in the St. John Home Health service areas—Tulsa County and the surrounding 50-mile area.