What to Expect

Upon arrival at St. John Milann H. Siegfried, RN, Emergency Center, staff will ask you for some brief information to register you into the emergency center system. A patient chart will be created and given to the triage nurse. 


After check-in, you’ll be seen by a triage nurse, who determines the order in which patients need attention. This nurse may take your pulse, blood pressure, temperature, and a brief medical history. In emergency situations, patients are not seen on a “first come, first serve” basis. Instead, they are seen in the order of the seriousness of their problems. For example, heart attack patients and near-drowning victims are usually seen before patients with cuts or broken bones. That’s why some patients who arrive after you may be attended to before you. They aren’t more important; their needs are simply more urgent.

After you go through the triage process, a registration representative will review insurance, payment and billing options with you.


There are a variety of reasons you may have to wait. Other patients may be treated ahead of you due to the severity of their conditions. Specialized treatment rooms may not be immediately available. You may need a test or procedure that takes time. For example, it takes approximately one to two hours to obtain lab results, and X-rays take between 30 to 90 minutes and require interpretation by a radiologist. We know waiting is difficult, so we do our best to minimize it.

Pain, Problems and Medication

If you are in pain, tell your nurse. Our goal is to make you comfortable. However, giving pain medications for certain conditions may be prohibited, at least initially, because diagnosis and treatment are more difficult if symptoms are masked by drugs. If you are already taking medication, be sure to tell the emergency nurse or physician before your next scheduled dose.

Checking Out

Please remain in your treatment room for discharge instructions. Checking out of the emergency center takes a few minutes. First, the physician or nurse will tell you how to care for yourself and recognize problems or symptoms. Please feel free to ask any questions at this time.

Admission to the Hospital

If you are admitted to the hospital, we will move you to your assigned room as quickly as possible. However, the process may be slow if: (1) your private physician is busy with other patients; (2) critically ill patients are using all available beds; or (3) staff members who normally take you to your room are treating other patients. Nevertheless, we’ll do our best to move you as soon as we can.

Your Responsibilities

We’re eager to help, but we need your assistance. Please make sure the information you give us is as complete and accurate as possible. If you have further questions or start to experience any medical problems after leaving the emergency department, please call us at 918-744-2191, call 911 or return immediately to the hospital.