more than 800 physicians and thousands of skilled medical professionals use the latest medical technology to fulfill the St. John mission of providing medical excellence and compassionate care.

Ambulatory Procedures Clinic

The Ambulatory Procedures Clinic cares for patients receiving pain management procedures under fluoroscopy. Moderate conscious sedation is the only type of anesthesia provided in the department. We are located on the 7th floor of the Siegfried Tower. Hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Learn More

Bariatric Surgery

bariatric Surgery for treatment of obesity can be the most effective means of significant, long-term weight loss. The St. John Bariatric Surgery Center, located at St. John Medical Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, can help people achieve significant weight loss and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Learn More

Breast Center

Breast cancer can be cured if found and treated early.  The St. John Breast Center has given women hope since 1974. The St. John Breast Center offers the tools you need to stay ahead of breast cancer. We schedule and perform mammograms and breast biopsies, with both traditional and new minimally invasive biopsy options available. Learn More

Cancer Care

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, but the experts at St. John and Oklahoma Cancer Specialists are here to help. We are oncologists, surgeons, physicists, nurses, therapists and technicians committed to making you healthier and stronger during one of life's most trying times. Learn More

Cardiology/Heart Institute

St. John has been a leader in cardiovascular care for decades, pioneering treatments in Tulsa including the first pacemaker implant, first bypass surgery and first angioplasty. Now, thousands of patients turn to us each year for all-digital cardiovascular imaging and the cardiac-dedicated GE 64-slice CT scanner. We know a healthy heart is essential to living a full life. Learn More

Cardiopulmonary Rehab

Whether you have a lung disorder or are recovering from a cardiac event, cardiopulmonary rehab at St. John Medical Center can help you resume an active life. Our team of exercise physiologists and nurses will assist you in offering support and encouragement as you work to improve your condition and overall quality of life. Learn More

Clinical Research

The St. John Clinical Research Institute contributes to medical science while providing cutting-edge medicines and therapies to patients who otherwise would not have access to them. The department coordinates and conducts clinical trials by equipping investigators with an efficient infrastructure, a committed research staff and operational expertise. Learn More


St. John Health System is committed to serving the people of northeastern Oklahoma. This includes helping to provide health insurance in a local, accessible, affordable and friendly manner.  We are proud to offer CommunityCare as an insurance provider with a range of plans for every member of our community. Learn More

CyberKnife Center

CyberKnife® is a revolutionary advancement in non-invasive cancer treatment. This robotic stereotactic radiosurgery system painlessly directs focused radiation to benign or malignant tumors. The robotic system detects and adjusts for minute changes in a patient’s positioning, protecting healthy tissue. This allows treatment of tumors throughout the body. Learn More

Diabetes Center

The St. John Diabetes Center offers outpatient education programs to help patients live healthy lives and integrate diabetes management into their lifestyles. Registered nurses and dietitians lead our diabetes self-management series. Each series consists of two classes and an appointment with a nurse and dietician. Learn More

Emergency Center

At St. John Milann H. Siegfried, RN, Emergency Center, a Level II emergency and trauma center, you’ll receive expert treatment in an environment of compassionate care and medical excellence.  St. John emergency physicians, nurses and technicians provide high quality care when you need it the most. Learn More


St. John Medical Center offers both inpatient and outpatient endoscopy services on the 7th floor of the Siegfried Tower. Hours of operation for outpatient procedures are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Learn More

Executive Center

St. John Executive Center: Where private, personalized care begins. The St. John Executive Center evaluates potential health issues through a series of examinations, detecting anomalies before they become health problems. You will receive a personal consultation and customized lifestyle plans to reduce health risks and promote overall well-being. Learn More

Health Club

Enjoy the best in fitness and wellness at the St. John Siegfried Health Club. Our 72,000-square-foot center features state-of-the-art equipment and offers medically based athletic programming in the heart of mid-town Tulsa. Learn More

Heyman Stroke Center

The St. John HEYMAN Stroke Center is dedicated to providing rapid, comprehensive care for stroke patients. When treating a stroke, every second counts. The faster a proper evaluation is conducted, the greater a patient's chances for recovery and rehabilitation. Learn More

Home Health

St. John Home Health is a short-term skilled care and nursing service that helps you readjust to your home or assists in your full recovery after a stay in the hospital. We endeavor to make your transition from hospital to home as smooth as possible. St. Learn More


Their Own Bed. Their Favorite Pillow. Our nonprofit hospice provides palliative care and symptom management to patients and families who are facing a life-limited illness. Hospice services assures patient and family comfort when medical cure of an illness is no longer possible. Learn More

Joint Replacement

The St. John Center for Joint Replacement combines the most experienced board-certified orthopedic surgeons, nurses and therapists with the most proven methods in joint replacement to help you recover more quickly. We are conveniently located off Elm, just north of the Broken Arrow Expressway at St. John Broken Arrow. Learn More

Kidney Services

Nationally, more than 85,000 people are in need of a kidney transplant, a surgical procedure performed to replace a diseased kidney with a healthy kidney from another person. Since 1992, St. John Medical Center has provided kidney transplant services through the St. John Kidney Transplant Program. Learn More


As one of the largest laboratories in the region, Regional Medical Laboratory has provided detailed, accurate lab test results for more than a quarter century. Regional Medical Laboratory (RML) is a commercial reference laboratory and wholly owned subsidiary of the St. John Health System. Learn More

Life Access Center

Vascular access maintenance is a crucial part of dialysis treatment. Without clear access, patients cannot receive dialysis, increasing the risk of illness or death. Learn More

LifeStart/Web Nursery

Few other experiences in life are filled with such excitement as the birth of your child. At the St. John Center for Women’s Health, we’d love to help you every step of the way with our LifeStart programs. Through various services, we educate families and make your experience as comfortable and positive as possible. Learn More

Memorial Surgery Center

Memorial Surgery Center is an outpatient surgical center affiliated with the St. John Health System.  Memorial Surgery Center focuses on offering a high quality, service-oriented environment for your surgical procedures. Learn More

Medical Staff Services

The St. John Health System Medical Staff Office supports the Medical Staff functions of St. John Medical Center, St. John Broken Arrow, St. John Owasso, St. John Sapulpa and Jane Phillips Medical Center.   St. John Health System Medical Staff Services 1923 S Utica Ave. Learn More

Neuroscience Institute

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body. With the latest diagnostic and treatment strategies and state-of-the-art technology, St. John provides care for a number of neurological illnesses and injuries. Learn More

Neurosurgical Center

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body. From breathing and blinking to thinking and speaking, the brain is at the center of it all. That’s why St. John Neurosurgical Center is dedicated to the health of the brain, the nervous system and spine, offering the best surgical strategies for you or your loved one. Learn More

Occupational Healthcare

St. John Occupational Healthcare offers Tulsa area businesses a complete line of health services, including worker's compensation, pre-employment physicals, and care for work-related injuries and illnesses. We collaborate with area businesses to customize programs specific to their needs, with all services provided by one of the area's largest local healthcare networks. Learn More


The skeletal system is the framework of the body.  And when bones and joints need care, St. John Orthopedics stands ready. Our general orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians and trauma specialists treat a variety of musculoskeletal issues, such as joint replacement, cartilage restoration and traumatic injury. Learn More

Pain Services

Managing your pain can greatly improve your quality of life. Learn More

Palliative Care

St. John Palliative Care serves patients suffering with chronic or life-threatening illness. We recognize people living with serious illness may need expert symptom management, as well as spiritual and emotional support. Comfort, quality of life and curative therapies are key aspects of our care. Learn More

Pediatric Care

Caring for children takes patience, compassion and expertise. At St. John Medical Center, our pediatric staff includes registered nurses, nurse assistants, pediatricians, physical therapists and a child life specialist. We offer individualized, personal care for children suffering from a wide array of diseases and injuries, including cystic fibrosis, severe asthma, pneumonia, trauma and more. Learn More


We're here for all of your prescription needs — and more. The St. John Medical Center community pharmacy is staffed by certified pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who are here to listen to your health and medication concerns and answer any questions. The pharmacy serves the Tulsa-area community, in addition to St. John associates and patients. Learn More

Physician Relations

St. John physician relations: building and retaining positive relationships with physicians in the region Whether you need information about available services or want to know the easiest way to refer a patient, we are here to help. Learn More

Primary Care

Your primary care team is crucial to meeting the healthcare needs of you and your family. St. John employs nearly 100 family practice and internal medicine physicians, conveniently located in Tulsa and the surrounding communities of Broken Arrow, Claremore, Oologah, Owasso, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, and Skiatook. Learn More


6 Hospitals. 800 doctors. 1 number. 918-744-0123. Whether you are searching for a new primary care provider or in need of a specialist, the PulseLine can help you find the right doctor. Our PulseLine team matches your preferences with your health insurance plan and provides information on physicians who meet your needs. To find a physician, click here. Learn More


Radiology is used by almost every patient, from the routine to the comPlex. St. John leads the way with our all-digital imaging system. This technology brings higher image quality and faster review times so doctors can more easily diagnose patients and begin treatment sooner. All tests are read by a board-certified radiologist. Regular Mammograms can save your life. Learn More

Rehabilitation / Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation is important to healing disabilities and returning to a normal lifestyle. Combining patience with experience, St. John Rehabilitation Services helps patients regain motor skills and control of their lives. Through acute, inpatient and outpatient physical therapy care, our team approach assists you in recovering from many types of injuries and illness. Learn More

Sleep Disorders Center

Everyone sleeps, but not everyone sleeps well. Every night, more than 70 million Americans who suffer from a sleep disorder struggle to get a good night's rest, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. The St. John Sleep Disorders Center provides the latest resources in the diagnosis and treatment of sleeping problems. Learn More

Surgical Services

If you have been diagnosed with a condition requiring surgery, St. John Health System offers advanced technology and skilled surgeons to meet your unique needs. We perform traditional surgery, laparoscopy and a new type of minimally invasive surgery using the da Vinci® Surgical System. Learn More

Trauma Center

When seconds count, St. John Trauma Center stands ready to meet the needs of critically ill or injured patients, providing resuscitation, emergency surgery, diagnostic and medical treatment, and intensive care to trauma victims from across the region. Learn More

Vascular / Endovascular

St. John offers highly specialized services to evaluate, diagnose, and treat blood vessel diseases. Our vascular/endovascular program features state-of-the-art, minimally invasive procedures, which can shorten hospital stays and recovery times. We can also diminish the possibility of complications traditionally associated with more extensive operative treatment. St. Learn More


Every day, members of the St. John Auxiliary show their commitment to service by volunteering throughout St. John Health System. Some volunteers serve a few hours a week, while others serve several hours every day. Learn More

Weight Management Institute

weight loss management helps those struggling with Obesity, which affects more than 70 million American adults. If you're struggling to lose weight, St. John can help. The Weight Management Institute specializes in comprehensive, medically-supervised weight loss solutions.  Our team of specialists can help you safely reach your goals and maintain your healthy lifestyle. Learn More

Women's Health

The St. John Center for Women’s Health is uniquely designed for women and their healthcare needs through every phase of life, from pre-adolescence through the golden years.  Since 2007, the St. John Center for Women’s Health has called the sixth floor of the Siegfried Tower home. Learn More

Wound Center

The St. John Wound Center is a patient-focused, goal-oriented and evidence-based wound center with three convenient locations to serve you. We work with many care providers in the community, including surgeons, physical therapists, home health specialists, podiatrists and primary care physicians to offer patients the most complete care possible. Learn More