Rights and Responsibilities

St. John Health System patients have the right to:

  • Reasonable access to care.
  • Expect the hospital to make a reasonable effort to provide appropriate medical care upon request.
  • Care that is considerate and respectful of their personal values and beliefs.
  • Be informed about and involved in decisions regarding their care.
  • Participate in ethical questions arising in the course of their care, including issues of conflict resolution, withholding resuscitative services, forgoing or withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment and participation in investigation studies or clinical trials.
  • Security, personal privacy and confidentiality of information.
  • Designate a decision-maker in case they are incapable of understanding a proposed treatment or procedure or are unable to communicate their wishes regarding care.
  • Access information regarding their care.

Patients at St. John are responsible for:

  • Providing accurate and complete information about their health.
  • Asking questions when they do not understand what they have been told. 
  • Following instructions provided by their physician.
  • Accepting the consequences of not following instructions.
  • Following hospital rules and regulations.
  • Acting with consideration and respect toward other patients and hospital personnel by not making unnecessary noise, smoking or causing distractions.
  • Arranging for prompt payment of their bills and providing information necessary for filing insurance claims.


We encourage family members and friends to visit patients during designated visiting hours. General visiting hours at St. John are 10:30-11:30 a.m., 2-4 p.m. and 7-8:30 p.m., however times may vary by floor. Please check with your nurse for a schedule.

We recommend that you limit your number of visitors to two at a time. People with colds, sore throats and other illnesses should not visit patients. When entertaining visitors, please be considerate of other patients, especially if you occupy a semi-private room.

Patients staying in private rooms may have overnight visitors. All overnight visitors must obtain a pass from the St. John security office, located adjacent to the information desk on the first floor of the connecting building.

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