Community Health Needs Assessments

Meeting the health needs of the community lies at the heart of the St. John mission.

IRC Section 501(r), a byproduct of the Affordable Care Act, requires nonprofit healthcare organizations to assess the health needs of the communities they serve and adopt implementation strategies to address identified significant needs. To comply with federal tax-exemption requirements, every tax-exempt hospital facility must:

  • Conduct a community health needs assessment (CHNA) every three years
  • Adopt an implementation strategy to meet significant health needs of the community identified through the CHNA
  • Report how it is addressing those significant health needs identified through the CHNA and a description of needs that are not being addressed with the reasons why they are not being addressed

The CHNA must take into account input from individuals who represent the broad interests of the community served by the hospital, including those with special knowledge of or expertise in public health. The hospital must make the CHNA widely available to the public.

Ascension St. John 2019 CHNA reports

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Long-form documents referenced in 2019 CHNA reports

Executive summaries of 2019 CHNA reports

Click here for CHNA and implementation strategy documents from previous cycles.

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