Intravenous Unit

Services Offered:

  • IV infusions—Fluids, antibiotics, and other therapeutic infusions such as Reclast, Tysabri, Remicade, Acterma, Ferrlecit, etc.
  • Chemotherapy infusions.
  • Blood products—Packed red blood cells, platelets, including Rhogam.
  • Injections (IV, IM & SQ)—Vaccines, Antibiotics, Magnesium, and other therapeutic injectables such as Procrit, Neupogen, Xolair, D.H.E., etc.
  • Port/PICC maintenance—flushing and dressing changes.
  • Outpatient PICC placement.
  • Lab draw from Port/PICC.
  • PICC removal.
  • Outpatient urinary catheterization.

How to set up an appointment:

  • A doctor’s order is required. The physician’s office will contact the IVU staff.
  • A member of the  IVU staff will contact the patient to schedule a time for their visit once all the needed paperwork is received.

Items needed prior to the appointment:

  •  Signed physician’s orders with written diagnosis.
  •  History and physical including current medication list.
  •  Contact information for the patient, guardian if applicable, and provider.

New patients to the IVU need to register in the main lobby of the hospital prior to continuing to the fourth floor to the IVU. When you arrive in the fourth floor waiting room, please pick up the phone, and it will  automatically ring the IVU desk so you may inform staff of your arrival.