Diabetes Prevention Program

Your doctor tells you to eat better and move more, but how exactly do you start putting the advice into practice?

To assist you, Jane Phillips Medical Center presents the Diabetes Prevention Program led by certified lifestyle coaches. The weekly classes will be held on Wednesdays, July 17-Dec. 18, then the 2nd Wednesday of each month from Jan.-June from noon to 1 p.m. in the Bartlesville Public Library in Room B. Cost is $5 per month or $60 for the full program.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 1 out of 11 people in the U.S. have diabetes, and 1 out of 3 people have prediabetes. And of the adults living with diabetes, nearly 1 in 4 didn’t even know they had the condition.

Diabetes is a serious disease that can cause heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, or loss of feet or legs. Prediabetes means your blood glucose (sugar) is higher than normal, but not yet diabetes. However, if not caught early or controlled, 15 to 30 percent of people with prediabetes will develop Type 2 diabetes within five years.

The good news is Type 2 diabetes can be delayed or prevented in people with prediabetes through effective lifestyle programs. With modest lifestyle changes – including healthy eating and increased physical activity – men and women can decrease the likelihood of developing Type 2 diabetes.

To register for the class, call Jane Phillips Diabetes and Nutrition Education at 918-331-1143.

Diabetes Pevention Program

The Jane Phillips diabetes prevention program offers lifestyle change intervention and follows the national diabetes prevention program certified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It is proven to prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes. The National Institute of Health research shows that modest behavior changes, such as making better food choices and increasing physical activity, reduced the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 58 percent in people at high-risk for developing this disease. Guided by a dietitian and an exercise specialist, participants learn the skills they need to make lasting changes.

Participants learn how to eat healthy, add physical activity to their routine, manage stress, stay motivated, and solve problems that can get in the way of healthy changes. The program’s group setting provides a supportive environment with people who are facing similar challenges. Together, participants celebrate their successes and find ways to overcome obstacles.

For more information, please call Jane Phillips Diabetes and Nurtrition Services, 918-331-1143.