Critical Care Unit

Jane Phillips Medical Center’s Critical Care Unit (CCU) provides 24-hour intensive care for patients with medical, surgical, trauma, cardiovascular, neurological, nephrology or pulmonary problems. The unit is designed with specialized equipment to meet the needs of our more critically ill patients.

Equipment and Monitors
Patients vital signs, including heart rate, breathing patterns, and blood pressure, are electrically monitored. This information keeps the staff constantly updated on the status of each patient.With  information relayed to the nurses’ station, everypatient is monitored even when a nurse is not in the room.

Most patients have one or more of the following:

  • IV pumps – to administer fluids and medications
  • Catheters – to collect urine into a bag for recording fluid balance
  • Oxygen – administered through a small tube or mask

Patients may require full breathing support on a ventilator. This equipmenthas special alarms that notify the staff to check the patient. To prevent electrical interference with equipment, no wireless technology (e.g., cell phones) may be used by visitors. 

We understand that having a loved one in the hospital can be a difficult experience. Our goal is to help make this time as stress-free for you as possible.

Visitors  are good medicine. Family members and friends are encouraged to visit patients. Patients, family, staff and physicians will help  define the visiting times to meet  individual needs.

The CCU Waiting Area
A special waiting area is provided for the comfort and convenience of families with loved ones in the critical care unit. For safety and security, please do not leave children unattended in the waiting area. For the comfort, safety, and well-being of those  in the CCU waiting area, the following policies will be strictly enforced:

  • Visitors may not sleep on the floor due to safety concerns.
  • Air mattresses, sleeping bags, ice chests, coolers, and other food and beverage storage containers are not allowed.
  • Furniture may not be moved into or out of waiting room areas.

The waiting area is a public space often shared by many families. We ask that those who use this space please be respectful of others.

Please help us keep the waiting area inviting and clean. Put empty bottles, food wrappers, napkins, and other waste into the trash, and put away newspapers and magazines when you have finished reading them.