BEE Award

Jane Phillips Medical Center recently implemented the BEE Award to recognize the associates of Jane Phillips Medical Center for Being Exceptional Every day.

Those eligible for the BEE Award include all hospital associates outside of registered nurses (RNs may receive the DAISY Award). This special honor is celebrated once a month.

Each BEE Award honoree will be recognized at a public ceremony in her/his department and will receive a framed certificate, a BEE Award pin and trophy. Additionally, everyone in the honoree’s unit will celebrate with cinnamon rolls.

Patients, visitors, physicians or associates may nominate a deserving associate by downloading a BEE Award nomination form here or by calling the Patient Relations office at 918-331-1462.

Jane Philips Medical Center 2017-2018 BEE Award Winners:

Clint Rainey
Imaging Services
June 2017

Sue Stout, CNA
2 Tower
July 2017

Jessica Thrash, CNA
10 Tower
August 2017

Mark Jones, DPh
Jane Phillips MedCare Pharmacy
September 2017

Jessie Ramsey
Physical Medicine Center
October 2017

Edwina Louthan, PT
Physical Medicine Center
November 2017

Sandra Fleming
TouchPoint (Redbud Cafe)
December 2017

Jerrod Greene
Imaging Services
January 2018

Dani Echols
5 Tower
February 2018

Shirley Washington
Pastoral Care/Volunteer Services
March 2018

Malorie Vaughan, Pharm.D., MBA
April  2018

Christel Crawford, CNA
5 Tower
May 2018

Callie Bauman
5 Tower
June 2018