Valve Clinic

The St. John Valve Clinic focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of valvular heart disease.  

Valve Clinic patients are evaluated by a multi-disciplinary team of cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons. Treatment options include surgical and minimally invasive procedures, including transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). 

TAVR is an FDA-approved procedure for patients with severe symptomatic aortic stenosis, who are inoperable or at high or immediate risk for open heart surgery. This less-invasive procedure allows a new valve to be inserted within the diseased aortic valve.  

Please consult the St. John Valve Clinic with any questions you may have about TAVR or other heart valve matters.  
St. John Valve Clinic Team

  • Robert C. Haas, MD
  • Robert Garrett, MD
  • Paul Kempe, MD
  • Nicholas Hanna, MD
  • Tom Kalapura, MD
  • Rachel Mathews, APRN CNP

For more information regarding the St. John Valve Clinic, call 918-403-0300.  
St. John Valve Clinic
1919 S. Wheeling Avenue, Suite 500
Tulsa, OK 74104