Emergency Care

When a medical emergency strikes, you deserve fast, attentive care from highly trained medical professionals.

At St. John Milann H. Siegfried, RN, Emergency Center, a Level II emergency and trauma center, you’ll receive expert treatment in an environment of compassionate care and medical excellence.

Medical Team

St. John emergency physicians work in cooperation with emergency nurses and technicians to provide high quality care when you need it the most.

Our team of emergency health professionals specializes in all types of emergency medicine, from broken bones to life-threatening injury or illness. We also treat the most serious trauma: our team is specially certified in advanced cardiac life support, pediatric advanced life support, trauma nursing core curriculum and more. 


The St. John Department of Emergency Medicine employs the latest technology to care for approximately 60,000 patients each year. The department utilizes a state-of-the-art laboratory and imaging and diagnostic equipment to assist our medical team in treating your medical needs.

Heart Attack Response Time

At the St. John Heart Institute, our heart attack response time is faster than the national gold standard (as defined by the American Heart Association and The American College of Cardiology Foundation).  "Door-to-balloon" is the critical moment between your arrival in the ER, and when the balloon catheter is inflated inside the blocked artery, restoring blood flow to your heart.  At St. John, our heart attack response team has analyzed and streamlined this process to give you more of the critical minutes you need to survive.