Cardiovascular Imaging

The St. John Heart Institute cardiovascular imaging center offers state-of-the-art technology and highly trained professionals who work closely with cardiologists to make your diagnosis as soon as possible.


All-digital technology makes the images immediately available to your primary care physician or cardiologist. Cardiology imaging services include:

  • Cardiac dedicated 64-slice CT scanner
  • Cardiac ultrasound lab
  • Nuclear cardiology
  • Peripheral vascular lab
  • ECG services/stress testing

64-slice CT scanner

In five heartbeats, our 64-slice CT scanner can get a precise image of your heart, a clear and accurate image of your arteries and use that information for immediate treatment. The 64-slice CT scanner gives faster results with more insight.  High-speed scanning means a more detailed image and results in a more accurate diagnosis and treatment.  

Cardiac Ultrasound

At St. John Heart Institute, we perform several non-invasive diagnostic tests to determine the health of your heart.  During an ultrasound, very high frequency sound waves are passed through your body.  Our specialists build a picture of your internal organs based on the reflected echoes of the sound waves.  Echocardiography, ultrasound focused on the heart, is particularly useful for investigating congenital heart disease, disorders of the heart valves and overall heart function.  It is a safe and painless procedure.

Nuclear Cardiology

The St. John Heart Institute Nuclear Cardiology testing looks for 3 heart components:

  1. If your heart in receiving enough blood
  2. If you have coronary artery disease (CAD)
  3. If more tests are necessary

Peripheral Vascular Lab

The St. John peripheral vascular laboratory performs several non-invasive procedures to diagnose patients' blood circulation problems.  The tests must be ordered by your physician and are used for screening purposes only and may or may not indicate a need for further treatment. 

ECG Services/Stress Testing

In the St. John electrocardiography (ECG) laboratory, we perform three types of ECG studies.  The tests, which must be ordered by your physician, are used for screening purposes only and may or may not indicate a need for further treatment.