Surgical Weight Loss

The St. John Weight Management Institute specializes in comprehensive, medically-supervised weight loss solutions.

From nutritional counseling to minimally invasive bariatric surgery, our team can help you safely reach goals and maintain your new, healthy lifestyle. Our specialists focus on the whole patient, treating obesity and the additional health problems it causes in one convenient location.

The Weight Management Institute provides Oklahomans with safe choices for weight reduction: 

The St. John Bariatric Surgery Center offers several surgical procedures for people suffering from obesity. Bariatric surgery, often called weight loss surgery, is an option for those considered morbidly obese who have had little or no success losing weight through other means. 

Surgery is a tool; you must also modify your lifestyle to maintain weight loss success. The Weight Management Institute provides support groups before and after surgery to help you with these life changes.

St. John Healthy Lifestyles offers nutritional counseling with a registered dietitian and provides wellness and nutrition planning to enhance weight loss. Medical diets such as Weight Control RX help patients throughout the weight loss process, whether or not surgery is recommended.

A physical activity consultation is part of the patient’s medical evaluation for weight loss. The St. John Siegfried Health Club provides this service to help determine the best and safest exercise plan for the individual. 

All these tools come together to create a cohesive, comprehensive, supportive plan for your weight loss. For more information, contact the St. John Weight Management Institute at 918-744-3030.