Class Descriptions


With two modern studios and a team of qualified instructors, we provide group classes for every fitness goal, from functional movement to aerobics to weight training.

Barre: Improve posture, core strength and flexibility with this workout based on applied functional exercises. Barre is designed for all levels of fitness.

Blast & Furious: Keep your mind and muscles from getting bored. Blast & Furious offers an intense indoor circuit-style workout that combines cardio and strength training for intermediate to advanced exercisers.

Body Balance: Enjoy a variety of strength, low-impact dance, balance and cardio drills suited for beginners and intermediates with Body Balance.

Cardio Circuit: Wake your muscles with early-morning total-body training. Cardio Circuit is a double shot of cardio and strength drills, offering variety and challenge. This workout is designed for intermediate to advanced exercisers.

Cardio-n-Core: Get a tough workout with a lot of variety, as well as a quick yet effective core-focused strength segment. Cardio-n-Core finishes with calming, deep stretches. Intermediate to advanced exercisers will enjoy this class.

Chisel: Squeeze a challenging workout into your busy schedule with Chisel, a class for intermediate to advanced exercisers that’s only 20 minutes long and focuses on one muscle group per class.

Cycle Crossover: Take your spinning to the next level with a mix of cycling and functional strength and stability training. Cycle Crossover is formulated to help counter the rid­ing position on a bike and prevent common muscle imbalances associated with spinning.

Definition: Use dumbbells, tubing and stability balls to build strength, endurance and core power. Only 30 minutes long, Definition provides an effective workout for beginners and those new to functional strength training.

H.I.I.T. (High-Intensity Interval Training): Take your fitness to another level with H.I.I.T. This intermediate/advanced class has a multitude of power moves that increase endurance and strength.

LIFT: Blend strength training exercises that focus on stability, balance, core and posture with LIFT. Beginner and advanced classes are available.

On the Ball: Use a stability ball for safe and effective methods to strengthen your core and improve your posture. On the Ball is designed for beginner to intermediate exercisers.

Power Sculpt: Burn fat while building muscle through fluid movement. Power Sculpt combines mild cardio and strength training.

Rogue Workout: Get your strength, cardio and core workout while activating your metabolism. Rogue Workout aims to fuel that "after-burn" for up to six hours.

Spin: Ride with the pack and enjoy a fun and challenging cardio workout set to motivating music. The Spin instructor leads the class through a variety of rides and drills, such as speed work and climbing. Begin­ner through advanced classes are available.

Sunday Stretch: Cool down and stretch before or after your workout. Sunday Stretch focuses on whole-body flexibility for all types of exercisers.

Tabata / Tabata Extreme: Push your body to the max. Tabata and Tabata Extreme both use interval training with 20-second rest periods to strengthen, sculpt and increase stamina. All fitness levels are welcome.

Yin Yoga: Experience a strength workout with core conditioning and flexibility. Yoga and Pilates are meshed together with a rhythmic flow in this class. Yin Yoga will leave you rocked from head to toe. All levels are welcome.

Yoga: Exercise both your body and mind with poses linked together through breath and movement. Yoga Flow and Sunrise Yoga are mid-paced classes, great for beginner to intermediate exercisers. Power Yoga is a more challenging, faster version of Yoga Flow and is best for intermediate to advanced exercisers. Gentle Yoga takes a slower pace with more restorative poses, perfect for beginner to intermediate exercisers.

Zumba: Move to the music with an all-levels Zumba class that fuses hot Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow movements to create an incredibly fun fitness/dance class. You’ll be hooked as you burn fat and tone your whole body.


These classes are designed for individuals with one or more chronic conditions, such as arthritis, heart or pulmonary disease, emphysema, chronic fatigue, muscle and joint stiffness, obesity and fibromyalgia.

Body Balance: Enjoy a variety of strength, low-impact dance, balance and cardio drills with Body Balance.

Chair Zumba: Move to the music with hot Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow movements performed around or on a chair. Chair Zumba’s choreography focuses on balance and core stability and is a great way to achieve a fun cardio workout.

On the Ball: Use a stability ball for safe and effective methods to strengthen your core and improve your posture in On the Ball.

Sit and Fit: Help make activities of daily living easier and reduce fatigue and pain when you participate on a regular basis. Sit and Fit uses medicine balls, weights, exercise bands and a lot of fun music, and participants have the option to sit or stand during all portions of the class.

Yoga: Learn how and why to stretch, build excellent core strength and balance, and enjoy deep breathing and relaxation. Yoga is simply a great system for exercising both your body and mind.


Our fitness pool maintains a temperature of 85 degrees. With four lanes for lap swimming plus room for a variety of classes, everyone can enjoy a workout in the water.

Aqua Flex & Flow: Improve flexibility and core muscles by using the buoyant nature of water and the movements of yoga, Pilates, barre and Ai Chi. In Aqua Flex & Flow, our bodies move in a fun, choreographed flow. Cardio is also an important part of the class, keeping our bodies warm and our hearts healthy.

Beat Goes On: Move your body to the beat with this dance workout based on the rhythm of the music and water. With simple body movements, Beat Goes On conditions your entire body and challenges your cardiovascular fitness.

Hydro Interval: Feel the burn in the water. Hydro Interval combines super-sized cardio intervals with intense toning segments.

Jump Start: Get moving with this early morning class. Designed as an introduction to water fitness, Jump Start focuses on building cardiovascular strength and conditioning muscles.

Ready, Set, GO!: Sculpt every muscle group with segments of strength and cardio exercises — a true total-body workout. You will leave feeling stronger while knowing you got a good calorie burn. Ready, Set, GO!


At 92 degrees, our therapy pool offers an environment ideal for those with chronic pain, arthritis, stability issues or other orthopedic issues that can limit range of motion.Ai Chi: Combine tai chi with shiatsu and Watsu techniques. Ai Chi focuses on deep breathing throughout a flowing yet powerful progression to full body involvements. As you become more familiar with the program, the benefits increase.

Gentle Moves: Improve your core stability, mobility and functional skills using water. Gentle Moves is an entry-level exercise therapy class designed with an emphasis on individual needs.

Joints in Motion: Address pain, fatigue, excess body fat and functional problems with a series of exercises that build strength, endurance, balance and core stability. Good music and good company make Joints in Motion enjoyable for all levels.

WOW (Work Out in Water): Complete your day with this aquatic energizer. Designed to include all areas of training (cardiovascular, strength and endurance), WOW pays particular attention to individual fitness goals. This workout would not be complete without the cool-down so you can de-stress after a long day.

All programming is subject to change.