Electronic Medical Records

Family Medical Care physicians and staff use an electronic medical record (EMR) in place of conventional paper files or charts.

EMR(s) are used for a number of reasons:

  • Safety: knowledge of patient medications, conditions, and medication allergies
  • Timeliness: information is immediately available, including test results
  • Presence: electronic charts cannot be misplaced, which would delay patient care
  • Efficiency: fewer people are required to handle information
  • Availability: information is securely accessible by Primary Care Physicians and specialists from any FMC location or St. John facility
  • Reliability: the system offers reminders for necessary provider follow-up; it also provides clinical reference information on-demand for better decision-making
  • Legibility: information is clear and readable
  • Comprehensive: a computerized system allows for the provision of these benefits and tools at once