What to Expect

Healthcare at the Executive Center is designed with your privacy, comfort and convenience in mind.

From the private entrance to the contemporary diagnostic suites, you’ll see personalized touches in every aspect of our service.

After registering with the staff coordinator, you will be shown to your private suite. Settle in with a robe and slippers, and enjoy a treat from our juice bar.

Over the course of the day, you will undergo a series of exams and tests depending on your specific health needs. You may return for a second day of testing if needed. 

Upon completion of your exam, Dr. Gawey will review the results of your physical and discuss recommended preventative measures for healthy living. You will receive complete documentation of your executive physical results via mail within two weeks.

If you require additional medical care as a result of your executive physical, Dr. Gawey and his staff are happy to provide referrals or other appropriate recommendations.