What is the cost of a St. John Executive Center physical exam?

St. John Executive Center screening packages vary in price depending on which exams are performed. The average cost for an executive exam is $3,000, but this cost may be increased or decreased based on the exams you and Dr. Gawey elect to pursue.

Corporate discounts may be applied. Please call the St. John Executive Center for more information.

Does my insurance cover St. John Executive Center services?

Due to the highly specialized examinations, most insurance carriers do not cover our services. As a result, St. John Executive Center does not file insurance claims.  

Are Corporate Discounts Available?

St. John Executive Center offers corporate discounts based on the number of a corporation’s employees who use our services. 

Please call the St. John Executive Center for more information.

How long does the physical exam process take?

The St. John Executive Center physical process usually takes one day, and testing results are presented the following morning unless other exams are required. Services such as a colonoscopy or a CT scan of the coronary arteries may require a second day of testing.

How will I receive my results?

Dr. Gawey will personally discuss all exam results with you. You will be provided a complete printed copy of your information, as well as a compact disc for permanent storage.  If you would like your results on a memory stick, please request this option.

We are also happy to provide a second copy of your results for your primary care practitioner.