Job Search

Important Notice to All Job Candidates

The mission of St. John Health System is to continue the healing ministry of Jesus Christ by providing high quality healthcare. We not only give back to the community through our top quality healthcare, but also by providing jobs and employment to the community. We contribute to the continuing improvement of the overall healthcare status and promote the well-being of people in Tulsa and surrounding communities.

Our Core Values are Service of the Poor, Reverence, Integrity, Wisdom, Creativity and Dedication. These values are expressed every day in our actions with patients, families and co-workers.

You have expressed an interest in becoming a part of our healthcare team.  It is important that you understand we expect our employees to adhere to certain expectations and standards of performance. Employees are responsible for their attendance, conduct and performance. We expect our employees to be compassionate, friendly, polite and helpful when interacting with our patients and each other. The Values in Action are a baseline example of St. John expectations of our employees. Please read each section thoroughly and check each expectation to indicate your commitment to abide by the prescribed behaviors. You may continue the application process upon agreement to these values.

Our Values in Action

Guided by our values of Service of the Poor, Reverence, Integrity, Wisdom, Creativity and Dedication, we fulfill our Mission every day with all we serve: patients, visitors, associates and physicians. Commitment to our values is clearly demonstrated in our daily behaviors. Therefore, we are expected to exhibit the following Values in Action.

I will:

Service of the Poor


  • Be an attentive voice for the poor, the suffering, the weak and the voiceless
  • Challenge myself and fellow associates who suffer from a “poverty of compassion” to walk in the shoes of others
  • Respond to people in need in a meaningful and personal way
  • Participate in activities to benefit the poor and vulnerable
  • Make eye contact, smile and give full attention to each person
  • Be open to learning as I come in contact with those in need
  • Assist anyone I see lost in our facilities


  • Treat every person as a precious, unique and sacred being, regardless of their stature, condition or abilities
  • Pay full attention when listening to others
  • Respect the dignity of others
  • Guard personal information and protect privacy
  • Be inclusive, recognizing and appreciating the different cultures and values of others
  • Be mindful that each person is dealing with different life situations and their unique issues
  • Be proactive in creating a Mission Culture by promoting a healing environment and spiritually uplifting
  • workplace


  • Speak and act with respect to all those I encounter in person, by phone and electronically
  • Act ethically with compassion, integrity and honesty
  • Keep appropriate confidentiality in all encounters
  • Encourage and support associates who express concerns or provide constructive ideas that will benefit our Mission
  • Consider safety as a priority in all my actions; I will report all unsafe activity
  • Follow through with the commitments I make to others and, when able, inform them of the reason
  • Cultivate a culture of appreciation for each associate and build trusting relationships
  • Dress appropriately, maintain cleanliness and neatness and an overall professional appearance
  • Perform my duties as expected, and to the best of my abilities


  • Use resources wisely and conservatively to further the Mission
  • Share and seek knowledge and experience to advance the collective wisdom
  • Be open-minded, proposing and considering new projects, programs and initiatives that will continue the healing Mission and Ministry of St. John Health System
  • Strive to see the whole picture by putting myself in the position of others
  • Ensure that complete and accurate information is communicated when I transfer responsibility for a
  • patient’s care, a project or task


  • Constantly strive to identify and create solutions to problems
  • Encourage the exchange of ideas, innovations and teamwork
  • View challenges as an opportunity for resourcefulness and growth
  • Encourage the sharing of ideas to promote a safer, more compassionate and efficient workplace


  • Understand and promote the SJHS Mission
  • Work with others to further our Mission
  • Come to work each day seeking to make a difference
  • Support and offer assistance to my co-workers
  • Demonstrate compassionate love and kindness to those I serve or encounter
  • Recognize that my actions and words represent the health system at all times
  • Treat each person the way I would like to be treated
  • Foster a health ministry of hope and joy

I have read and understand the values in action.

St. John is an Equal Opportunity Employer. TDD Number: 744-3330.